About Darkside…

This site is dedicated to the fandom and fanfare surrounding the Darkside Expo in Nova Scotia, Canada.
This site’s comments, content, postings, subscriptions, etc, do not reflect the opinions or ideas of the Darkside Expo Board or it’s members unless otherwise stated by them.

The official site for Darkside is currently under construction. Link will be posted here when ready.

About the Darkside Expo Group….

Initial introduction by Shara M, board member:

“For those of you curious, this is, indeed, a plan for another Con. But not exactly like or unlike other Cons you have been to.

Yes, we want anime, sci-fi, gaming, …movies, video games!! BRING IT! We love it! But, this con is about the most important, potent, yet controversial aspect of all these elements combined.

At Darkside, we celebrate the villain.

Try and write a good story without one. Where would George Romero be without those lovable shuffling undead zombies? Bram Stoker without Dracula? Luke without Vader? Cloud without Sephiroth? It would be utterly, completely and totally…

Stupid? Pointless?

Why save the world when there’s nobody to save it from? Some of the best villains in comics wanted to SAVE the world. What’s more, in the case of Doctor Victor von Doom…he was right.

Villans, what we call evil, the dark side, are the most complicated, intricate and interesting aspects of literature, comics, movies and television. Perception, as they say, is everything, and Darkside seeks, as a con, to not only peer into that shadowy looking-glass, but celebrate what that aspect brings to our lives.

We’re looking for ideas, insights, contributors, sponsors, contacts, and volunteers, voices. We want to mastermind a project that explores the heart and mind, and inspires enjoyment and creativity. All for the good of evil.

Come to the Darkside. We have cookies.”

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